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Ukishima Shitsugen (浮島湿原)

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The weather was superrrr fine one day that we just HAD to go out if not we would feel we wasted our time. And so we somehow ended up in Ukishima Shitsugen (浮島湿原). That day, we had Hashimoto-san staying with us so the 6 of us went out together! Hashimoto-san runs a business hotel in Tokyo which i think is…

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Autumn Leaves

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I have never understood the idea of enjoying the autumn leaves. So, what do you exactly do in order to enjoy the autumn leaves? C’mon, it’s just leaves on trees turning red, that’s all. This, coming from a Singaporean who has lived her entire 24 years of life in an evergreen city where leaves just turn yellow and fall off.…

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Biei (美瑛)

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I’m gonna share about this beautiful town that I’m staying in – BIEI. It’s in between Asahikawa and Furano, along the JR Furano line. To be honest, I have never heard of this place until I Googled for a place I could spend my summer holidays at and this guesthouse pension came out as one of the results. I have…

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