What to do when you’re lost and bad with directions


I am probably the worst person alive at remembering directions. I once took a test to try to become a pilot but I’m so glad I didn’t because the plane would probably go missing like entering the bermuda triangle. 😂

Trust me, I need like at least five trips to remember how to go to one place – eg. my cabin onboard.

Every time I change ships, I always ALWAYS GET LOST. Like I freaking can’t remember where my cabin is. Especially when you are in a big ship that is as bit as a city – like close to 10K people. When i first moved to Japan, I moved into my apartment at 8pm. It was a very quiet neighborhood. But.. that’s not the problem. The problem was, my house was stuck in the middle of the estate and all the houses look the same! 😱

Basically, I could get lost the moment I step out of my apartment. I could probably open my neighbor’s door (Like WTF?). I remember I was so hungry I nearly died in the new apartment as there was no food, not even toilet paper. It was then I realized that it’s a do or die situation to get my bum out of the house.

So here’s the tip:

What to do if you suck at directions

1. Brightness

If you’re heading for civilization, go towards the direction where it seems brighter. Usually the lights are all congregated at the train station. Whichever there is light, there are (possibly) human beings = help = shops = food = water = survival!!

2. Know your left from right, front from back

This is essential for figuring out where you are and how to go back to where you came from. If you could find a landmark (bullet point 3), stand at the landmark and remember what you could see in all directions. If you can’t remember all that, at least remember one piece of information such as “I see a statue on my left.”. With this information, you can trace back your steps!

3. Landmarks

Landmarks are essential in helping you to find your way! For example, there was a railway track two streets away from my apartment, I counted the number of houses I would pass before I reach the railway track. You could also use signboards (but if they remove it, that’s it though) or try to find something special you could spot in the area which are different from the rest.

4. Personalize

Well this doesn’t mean you should destroy property, but rather it helps you differentiate your door from your neighbor’s door. In the neighborhood i was in, all the buildings looked the same. All the walls and windows and doors are in the same color. Now it’s your chance to hang that piece of funny door decor you always wanted. The bigger the better, the easier to spot! (Think about easier spotting of your luggage on the luggage belt if it’s bright pink!)

5. GPS

Well, to be honest GPS doesn’t point you right to the door. Probably just to the right building. I don’t rely on GPS because if my phone is flat, I’m dead. But still, it helps.

6. Bring a friend

I love this one the most! Bringing your friends to your house or having a flat mate, your problem of getting lost is solved! (Unless your friend is like you then uh..) This might sound really lame but it is a technique i used frequently while i was living by myself in the neighborhood. 😂

I hope you had some fun reading this article. Last but not least, if you still can’t figure your way out, take a cab! 😀


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