Onsen Meguri (Part 2)

And so today is the last day of our hokkaido onsen meguri..

Our breakfast at hokkaido hotel:

relax..! i love my pairing of white sneakers and jeans.

We were in Obihiro (帯広) well, because

1) Nao-san wanted to stay in Hokkaido Hotel (and also because how much our guests raved to us about it)

2) i want to eat the famous sweet potato….!!

It’s not just an ORDINARY sweet potato. I saw it on tv once and i had remembered it since.

The shop name is Cranberry. It’s a trendy sweet shop with very reasonable prices for its cakes and pastries.

The cake set costs 400 yen which includes a drink and a cake of your choice! Gosh, it’s cheap, to be honest. You can NEVER find this kinda price in Singapore.

Nao-san, Ogawa-san, Masako-san, Mayu-chan

So of course, all of us took the cake set.

And we just felt so full after eating so much for just breakfast. Nao-san suggested us to take a stroll at Fukuhara Sansou (福原山荘) and enjoy the autumn season.

I do not know the story behind this place but there is only one house in this entire wilderness (well, not exactly) and it must be owned by someone by the name of Fukuhara (whom i supposed is super rich since there is no one staying here and it looks like a holiday villa).

Next, we took a really long drive about an hour plus to an onsen. We went to Osoushi onsen (オソウシ温泉) but i kept saying it wrongly as おそろしい温泉 (osoroshii) which meant scary onsen. HAHA

When we reached the carpark, the signature dog of the onsen Ken-chan came out to greet us right at the car door.

Ken-chan, the dog

hokkaido onsen

Seriously, this onsen is quite wild. Well, this onsen is well-know for its high pH of  10+ which is supposed to feel super smooth on your skin but i don’t know how true is that. The onsen water is rather lukewarm and the rotenburo is like swimming pool temperature. And it is quite run-down. When you step out for the rotenburo, you’re practically stepping on just a tentage sheet placed on the grass with all the fallen leaves on the sheet and it is slippery and ….. wild (cos you’re surrounded by trees). It is quite unkempt actually, i mean, relative to all the onsens i have been to.

We drove off and stopped by some genghis khan (which is the name of mutton here even though it is the name of the Mongolian ruler…) for dinner.

If you love korean bbq, you will love this. ジェンギスカン (genghis khan)

Alright, thanks for reading all my backdated posts!!!!

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