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Ai-san’s Birthday

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A week ago, we celebrated Ai-san’s birthday!! Sunghee invited me and Ai-san to her house for the birthday party bash. Actually the 3 of us meet every week and we always have something like a girl’s gathering. This time round, Sunghee actually whipped up quite a lot of good food for the party! Let’s see her in action: Sunghee is…

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Rock chick on Holiday

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3 weeks ago, my friend Hui Ling came to Japan from Singapore and we spent a week travelling in the Kanto region. Our first stop: Tokyo Some parfait for you? This is 60cm tall! *my ice cream heaven, finally!* Some monjayaki for dinner. Basically monjayaki is similar to okonomiyaki just that it’s made from a more watery batter and you…

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