Embarrassing Bodies

When i was little, i remembered i wanted to be many things. I thought of becoming a model (don’t laugh), an air stewardess, a wedding planner or just someone who could dabble in some glamour. But what do you need to get there? I’m sure most girls will reply, “A pretty face. A nice figure.” I admit i will say the same thing too. Everyone is superficial to a certain extent. We are not saints, we are mortals.

If the world is not superficial, you wouldn’t have this thing called ‘plastic surgery’ and no one would even bother changing their appearance because everyone does not regard their looks as priority. If the world isn’t adamant on good looks, the beauty industry would collapse.

It’s simply because everyone wants to look great, we resort to hiding the parts of us that we feel isn’t that great. When we have body odour, we mask it with perfume. When we have pimples or acne, we pile on the concealer. When we have diseases in sensitive parts of our bodies, we are afraid to consult doctors and our loved ones. What do we do? We hide.

Today, i watched an episode of ‘Embarrassing Bodies’, a television program from the UK and i just felt so heartened that people are coming out to talk about their conditions which everyone is afraid of telling. Actually i have heard of this program before but today is the first time i actually watched it.

To be honest, i am struggling with acne on one side of my face. I was afraid that the acne scars would turn to pits on my skin and i have been frantically searching for a cure. It isn’t common cystic acne which could be cured by Accutane and antibiotics. It’s something milder, harder to get rid of because it’s all whiteheads. I used to pick at it and i admit i caused the scars myself. I am embarrassed with my skin which is why i always cover my hair over it. I know it’s bad, but still i feel disgusted and sad whenever i look at it.

The people in this show has got worse scenarios than me and have even dealt with it for up to decades (whereas me, only 1 year) and they are brave enough to talk about their condition on national tv. I’m inspired. They were open with their bodies (breasts, sexual dysfunction, skin, hair, teeth) and they even showed the scenes of the cutting up and sewing of their bodies in the operating room.

What the program tells us is that – Everyone is the same. That person could be of any status, rich or poor, but our bodies are essentially the same. There is nothing embarrassing talking about it.

I’m gonna try clipping up my hair when i go out next time. I hope that you could also deal better with our own insecurities with your own body after watching this program.

Relax, you, me, we are all the same. 🙂


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