In the past weekend, my friends and i made a trip to Tottori, about 3hrs drive from Okayama city. Well, the first time i heard of Tottori prefecture was when i watched a korean drama called “IRIS” (2009) which was about terrorism, spies and action.

So the image that i had of the city was pretty dark, with drug handlers and geisha in wooden houses and stuff (because of the night scene in the drama).

I admit i had the WRONG impression of the place.

It was TOTALLY NOT like that. I just watched too much IRIS. Haha

Before we reached Tottori, we stopped by Daisen (大山) and ate some soba for lunch.

The scenery facing the soba shop. The clouds looked heavy.

Ai-san and Me at lunch time!

Soba (i forgot the name)

Sunghee smiling at goat but goat is busy eating



On the way to Tottori…!

Amazing sky

Pretty windmills (nah, i wish, it’s wind turbines)

Along the way, we stopped by a gorgeous beach.

Sunghee & husband, Kim-san posing in the super strong winds at the beach

Finally, we reached the sand dunes of Tottori! Well, i would think of it as a mini desert.

See a slope up there? Usually everyone takes the gentler slope but not Kim-san!

View from the top of the slope

Once you get up, you reach the other side which is a beach.

Parasailing at the beach

It was really crowded at the time so after that we left shortly for the Sand Musuem.

Surprised to be greeted by Merlion at the entrance!!

Theme this year is South-East Asia. See if you can spot any country that you know!

look at the detail…!


Malacca (foreground) Singapore (background)

The familiar landscape

I was so hungry for dinner (we had yakiniku) that i forgot to take any pictures.

Oh well, that’s all for now! Thanks Kim-san for driving us around the entire day without a word of complaint. 🙂

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