Moving Out

I finally made the decision to move out at the end of May 2013.

Homestay was good but it’s time to do things on my own now and stop relying on other people. And so i found my own house through the help of a property agent from Leopalace 21 who was introduced to me by my classmates.

Some unforgettable moments from my stay with Yoko:

A photo souvenir i presented to Yoko

It isn’t easy to find your own place within one week and move in the following week. And i did!

My new apartment is great – within walking distance to Okayama station, very new (completed last year), furnished with electrical appliances and furniture and has separate bathroom and toilet! The only bad was that it didn’t come with a bed…

So i bought one.

When it arrived, it looked like this.

I happily ordered a sofa-bed and i forgot ENTIRELY about the construct-it-yourself part!!!


This was the instruction booklet that came with the box.

But i still did it anyway. Just that i thought of my dad ALL the time and lamented on how there was no one around to help me.

So after 2 hours…

Taa daaa!


How lovely my futon is! <3<3<3


I was soooo excited i called up some of my classmates and organized a housewarming party the next day.Haha nah, actually i just wanted to return the favour to my classmates for helping me with the move.

Absentee: Kelly

My friend, Kai Li (Kelly) played a huge part in helping me move and getting the necessities. I just have to mention her here. She rode me on the back of her bicycle for the whole day just to take me furniture shopping you know! (Tears)

Some fun shot

We had so much fun that night.
The next day, I received a complaint about the noise that we made!! >,<

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